Our mission

We are seeing a trend in schools : Music Education is systematically underfunded, while STEM grants are introducing 3D printers to schools. Instead of seeing this as a problem, we see it as a solution! Why not 3D print your music program?

This solution has never existed before, and we are excited to work with schools to make it happen. The Hovalin is a great alternative for traditional "student" violins because:

  1. It is customizable.

    Want to turn it into an expensive sounding electric violin? Sure! Want to add lights inside it? It's possible. All this for around $70 (if you make it yourself).

  2. It teaches kids about CAD.

    3D printing & modeling curriculum can easily fit in the Hovalin as a real life application of CAD software.

  3. It creatively creates funds for the arts

    If kids are going to learn 3D printing anyway through their STEM grant, what do you do with all the 3D prints? Creating musical instruments through your STEM program teaches the kids their curriculum and how to solve problems at their own school.

  4. It is cost efficient.

    Although you could buy a traditional "student" violin for around the same cost ($70), many parents of kids learn quickly that it can cost just as much to fix. Since the Hovalin is several pieces held together by the tension of the strings, the hardest part of fixing any part that breaks is wagging your finger as you hit the "print" button on your 3D printer to replace it.

  5. It is more durable than classic instruments.

    Look, we've all been there: you sat on your violin in orchestra rehearsal after a fun break, or drop your instrument. Don't worry, we got you: Plastic is a lot harder to break than wood. Trust us, or do your own experiment.

  6. It is not as shrill

    Since they are made of plastic, they aren't as shrill & loud a traditional instruments (you are welcome, teachers). This makes it easier to practice at home, when all assembled in orchestra, and on the go. Also, for schools that can't afford a music program but can print Hovalins: "A plastic violin sounds a lot better than no violin". You can quote Kaitlyn on that.

Our first pilot program is in a middle school in Oakland, and someday we will hopefully be coming to a school near you.


The Hovalin

Get the files for free, view the docs, and see the shopping list. We are currently in version 4.0.0

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