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Hey Everyone! We donated a Hovalin to the Steve Elsasser Fundraiser at the German American Society in Omaha, NE!

Steve Elsasser has been diagnosed with a rare degenerative, terminal brain disease known as "Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease (CID)". This disease affects one in every million people each year, and is very aggressive .

Steve has been an active member of the German-American Society since 1990, a place where our family is active as well (Matt's family is über German). As a matter of fact, we even recorded our Carol of the Bass music video in their great hall (So much fog machine). Steve has been active in the Turner club and has volunteered for Octoberfest and grounds/club maintenance through the years.

So our family thought : why not donate a Hovalin to a silent auction to help out this rad guy? Here are the details:


The German-American Society
3717 South 120th st
Omaha, Nebraska 68144


January 8th, 2015

Ticket price:

Adults: $10.00
Kids: $5.00

The schedule:

Doors open at 5pm,
Food Served: 5pm-8pm
All you can eat Spaghetti, Bread sticks, and salad ya'll

Please let us know if you know any other good causes that we could donate a Hovalin to!

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