December 24, 2015 | A really cool organization that's excited about the Hovalin
We had the amazing opportunity to present at a sold-out house at the Do Space on December 20th! It was our first talk where Matt and I presented together about the origin and future of our project. Sound check went well, but once everyone showed up they dampened the sound so much that it was a little hard to hear my tracks on stage... So logically, I decided on the spot to run around in the crowd while performing instead. It was rad : )
After the talk, we got to hang out with family and catch up on our old Omaha hangs. Matt ate some Runza, I played with my brother's puppy, and we kicked it at Matt's parent's holiday party (with festive poker times).
Thank you so much to everyone for coming out, and a big thanks to the Do Space for hosting us!
Happy Holidays,
Do SpaceHovalin Sign sold outHovalin on chairsKaitlyn playing the HovalinsnowMatt shoveling
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Kaitlyn is a Neuroscientist, Violinist, Designer, and Software Engineer. Cat is the best.

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