December 5, 2015 | Not sure how we got here but we're delighted
We had the opportunity to bring our project to NASA's Ames Research Center this week! I met them at their booth while performing at STEAM Carnival SF a few weeks back, and we were beyond excited to be invited to their research center. Big thanks to everyone there, and especially to our awesome new buddy Luke.
While there we got to tour the campus, learn about the projects they have going on, and show them everything about the Hovalin. This is totally going to go in our family Holiday card!
Looking forward to going back soon! ; )
PS: It's been amazing getting so much support for our project. All the thank-you's and high fives to you over the internet for reading this!
The Hovalin with Nasa LogoKaitln with NASA workersMaker Lab3d gantryPCB MillA nice NASA worker whose name I dont remember but looks vaguely like MattA drawer full of gears
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Kaitlyn is a Neuroscientist, Violinist, Designer, and Software Engineer. Cat is the best.

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