Hovalin V5
September 7, 2020 | Now compatible with even more printers!
Today we're excited to launch Hovalin V5!
Over the past few months, we've been tying together some of the lessons learned from v4 along with the feedback from the community. Here's a list of thinks to look for with v5:
  • The bridge is printed separately (allows tuning the string action) ((We found it sounds a lot better))
  • No supports in the F-holes
  • Easier to mount strings
  • Option to print files without our built-in supports
  • Option to print body as a single piece or in 3 pieces (note: the split chamber and neck can be printed on a prusa i3 as well as ender3 printer)

    Single-Piece Chamber assembly

    Multi-piece Chamber assembly
    multi-piece assembly
Check out the new files. As always, we love feedback. Please keep in touch via the hovalin_community subreddit.
About the Author
Matt is an Electrical Engineer, Full Stack Software Developer, and likes fun things. Cat is the best.

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