November 16, 2015 | So much fun and so much STEAM
Yes! I got to perform on our latest version of Hovalin for 11 shows over 3 days at STEAM Carnival when they were in San Francisco over the weekend! This was only our second round of official Hovalin performances since we launched last month, and it was such an honor to be there! We even got featured in their press release : )
Steam Carnival
For this event we decided to print a hot pink Hovalin, which was the most outlandish yet acceptable color I could think of. This turned out to be a hit with all the kids (not just the little girls!), and it got a lot of "kid time".
It was especially great meeting dads with their little daughters that were interested in getting up close with a "pink violin", which turned into a great opportunity to show them how they can make one (or anything, really) themselves because 3D printing and modeling is for everyone of all ages. One of the cooler moments was gradually realizing that our Hovalin project is so much bigger than just about the Hovalin itself. It's about inspiring kids to create and inspiring the makers of the future.
Big thanks to Two Bit Circus for having me and to all the awesome staff for being great!
hovalin with gearCarnival ItineraryKaitlyn playingDustin playingHovalin on concreteKaitlyn talking to peoplekaitln showing the hovalin
Also, there were a lot of other amazing things! Check out some of the fun and unique games that filled the pier --->
Steam exhibitsteam exhibitsteam exhibitdisclaimer
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Kaitlyn is a Neuroscientist, Violinist, Designer, and Software Engineer. Cat is the best.

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