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This is a 3D printer management system we got to work on for Autodesk. It's built on KOA, has postgreSQL for persistent data storage, and socket for real time updates. It's inspirations include OctoPrint, Repetier Host, and PrintRun. Kaitlyn designed and developed the Front End UI to solve a few problems with the current open source software available to manage prints:
  • UIs can get cluttered quickly when you don't need much. We simplified the available options/features towards the general user. However, if you want to get creative, we added a terminal to enter gcode.
  • We wanted to build it to scale so that you can manage several printers and several jobs. No other open source 3D printing management software is equipped to do that right now.
Our goal is to make this power 3d printers and jobs from anywhere, and to continue to tweak the UI to meet the average 3D printing user's needs.
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