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During the beginning of covid-19 in America we started 3D printing face shields for local hospitals and wanted to find more ways to get involved. Luckily, we were contacted by a company called Meter to build a landing page for their ventilator and to design out a dashboard for it.
Landing Page

The Landing page was scoped out and built so that Meter could get the ventilator in front of hospital staff as fast as possible. This meant that the landing page needed to:
  1. Support all browsers.
  2. Support all breakpoints.
  3. Be fully accesible.
  4. Have Good SEO.
  5. Be able to support large amounts of traffic.
The original desktop web design was done by Ehsan Noursalehi and in order to save time Kait designed what it would look like on mobile and made sure it was implemented properly.

ventilator parts explosionventilator side profile
The Ventilator Dashboard

This part of the project was designed by Kait. After gathering intel from users and product owners she decided that her design principles were:
  1. Fix latent human error:Health providers that are lacking sleep and need to be able to view alert info as easily as possible. Get most important data above the fold and in front of health care provider’s eyes asap. Any ventilator experiencing an alert should:
    1. Be automatically be kicked to the top of the ventilator list so that it is most likely above the fold
    2. Be overly obvious that something is wrong with the patient
  2. Accessibility over fanciness:Make sure fonts etc meet accessibility standards. For example Make fonts 12px+ so that health providers that are lacking sleep or older in age can read data easily.
  3. Efficiency over bloat:Save space and view only the most important data without nesting. All data can be made available but only the most important data is top level.
There ended up being some really cool features to this dashboard but all we can officially share is what is displayed on the landing page:

ventilator dashboard

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